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Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Interenergy Systems Dominicana has been developing since 2018, under the Evergo brand, the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station platform in the country. Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want, in a sustainable and reliable way, moving towards a more environmentally responsible future.

Our charging units are the most advanced of their kind, so that in a short time you can charge the battery and be on your way, considerably improving your experience. Now, with your electric vehicle you can travel long distances without worries, because we have a charging station near you and on the main roads of the country. We know that convenient access and ease of use are essential for drivers to feel comfortable choosing to purchase an electric vehicle. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading companies to make charging convenient and productive.

Our commitment:

Today we have more than 500 charging stations installed or in the process of being installed.

Our goal is to have more than 5,000 charging stations installed by the end of 2024.

Our charging infrastructure has prevented the emission of more than 277,724.74 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

With presence in:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Panama
  • Jamaica
  • México
  • Paraguay
  • Puerto Rico
  • Uruguay

With expansion to:

  • Spain
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